Boat transfers

Private boat transfers: the fastest and most comfortable way to reach Capri

All-inclusive Private Transfers

Capri Boat Service offers private transfer to and from Capri, Naples, and other towns along the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast.
Those arriving from the airport or train station can opt for an all-inclusive car + speedboat transfer.
A driver will pick you up upon arrivaval and take you directly to the private pier where your speedboat awaits, allowing you to get to Capri in the shortest amount of time possible.
Transfers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Choose one of our transfers, or request a customized estimate.

Naples-Capri transfer via Speedboat + Car

from € 650 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 850 -24%

Duration 1 hour

  • An all-inclusive transfer from Naples to Capri, including pick up from the airport/station/hotel in Naples by private car and transfer to Capri on board a luxury speedboat.

Luxury Transfer by Speedboat Capri - Positano

from € 500 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 610 -18%

Duration 1 hour

  • Avoid crowds and delays with our private speedboat transfer between Capri and Positano for a luxury arrival in just 30 minutes.

Luxury Transfer by Speedboat between Capri and Amalfi

from € 650 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 750 -13%

Duration 1 hour

  • A luxury transfer via powerful speedboat that can take you between Capri and Amalfi (or vice versa) in just 30 minutes.

Private Speedboat Transfer: Capri - Ischia

from € 750 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 800 -6%

Duration 1 hour

  • Choose our transfer and travel between these two islands in the Bay of Naples by private speedbot at the time you prefer!

Private Speedboat Transfer Capri - Salerno

from € 900 Per boat | Max 10 passengers € 1,000 -10%

Duration 1 hour

  • Fast, safe, and comfortable: our private speedboat transfer can get you between Capri and Salerno in just an hour! What are you waiting for?

Capri Taxi Boat Service

from € 60 Per boat | Max 5 passengers € 120 -50%

Duration 1 hour

  • Get from the Marina Grande port to the Faro, Canzone del Mare, Riccio or Fontelina with our taxi boat service: fast and fun by sea!

ONE WAY Taxi Boat from Capri to the Amalfi Coast

from € 250 Per boat | Max 4 passengers € 300 -17%

Duration 1 hour

  • Reach the most famous spots in Positano or Nerano with our private taxi boat service for the best in luxury comfort!

Capri-Sorrento (or vice versa) by Luxury Speedboat+Car

from € 549 max 8-10 passengers € 700 -22%

Duration 1 hour

The fastest transfer on the seas! In just 20 minutes you can continue your vacation from Capri to Sorrento and take advantage of every minute on your holiday! Save time, skip the long queues and delays by travelling from Capri to Sorrento (or vice versa) by a powerful and luxury speedboat!

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